Co-created by George “Boston George”Jung, Federal inmate #19225-004. George is best known for his character portrayed by Johnny Depp in the 2001 motion picture film “BLOW”.

KINGS OF BLOW (KOB) is not just an NFT collection, its a lifestyle, a wild journey and a chance to build an empire in the upcoming KINGS Of BLOW play to earn NFT game.

Collectors can join the community, get a real Narco 3D collectable or simply mint their own personalized one. Buy, sell and trade your NFTs, cut deals, receive NFT rewards and fill your wallets with KOB Tokens! While making new friends, and perhaps betraying a few. Play your NFT’S right and EARN! Become the next drug lord…”The World is Yours”. Play them wrong and you might be cursing your mother for having been born.

George Jung
Pablo Escobar
Carlos Lehder
Mickey Munday
Chapo Guzman
Jose Gacha

The Roadmap To Perdition

This roadmap outlines our goals and where we are heading with the KINGS OF BLOW universe. Multitudes of ideas, concepts and plans for metaworld domination are in the works…This will evolve over time.

Just remember, once you’re in there’s only one way out 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

.01 Pre-Launch ← WE ARE HERE

Ready to kick-ass? We are building, designing and developing the Kings of Blow universe. We are taking our time to do it the right way as well. This universe is important to us. We are exercising our creative freedom to ensure the final product and system is as full and lucrative as any Narco “wannabe” would expect. It’s time! Let’s create our space, grow our discord and twitter community; become a part of our motley crew of greedy misfits.

.02 Official Launch

Kings of Blow begins! Official launch of a full-featured website, deployment of our main ERC-721 smart contract and the drop of our unique collection of KOB 3D characters. Our Cartel Punks NFT’s are all based on real life Narcos. If you ever wanted to be one without the real life consequences, upload your picture and properties to, “Mint Yourself” and enter the KOB Metaverse.

.03 Token

Official Kings of Blow ERC-20 token (to be announced). A substantial airdrop of the tokens will be deposited into the wallets of KOB character holders. You will have more than enough to start building and investing into your Narco lifestyle and empire!

.04 Assets

Deployment of KOB 3D NFT assets, ERC-721 smart contract, initial drug drops, vehicles, real estate holdings, weapons, police, politicians and judges are all in your pocket. Buy or trade “off-shore” accounts containing crypto wallets and other assets. With the premier launch of the KOB marketplace, lending services and escrow will also be provided. This is where the real fun begins…it’s only the beginning.

Who we are?
Creative team

Our team is made up of an eclectic group of highly focused individuals, each with varying disciplines. We are proficient in crypto, blockchain, NFT’s, entertainment, finance, and we know some old school Narcos who can deliver actual facts on the, “ins and outs”… We will strive to be the most professional team in support of the Kings of Blow community. Along with our other properties, fanatical enthusiasm, unbound creativity, and an eye to entertain.


Join us to get the news as soon as possible. Follow our latest announcements and updates. Buy, sell and trade KOB NFT’s, cut deals, receive rewards and fill your wallet with $KOB Tokens. Do this all while making new friends and perhaps betraying a few. #PLATAOPLOMO